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Contact list redraw

This morning one of my users showed me an issue he was having where the middle of his “contacts” window wasn’t drawing. At all. It was transparent.

I initially thought it looked like a window the size of a splash screen was on top of his contacts window, and when the splash went away, it erased down to the desktop.

After further thought, it may just be the contact list scroll box (I.e. the top and bottom portions of the window draw fine).

I didn’t get much time to speak with him about it, but he was going to try to restart and see if that helped. If it doesn’t, I’m planning on reinstalling Spark client. He is using a Windows XP box which he may never restart.

I appologize that this post is pretty veague. Is this a known issue or should I try to collect more information about the problem for a bug report?

User minimized all windows then opened the contacts window. There was a box off center in the middle of the screen that allways showed the background. Where ever the contacts window occupied that space, you saw the background instead of the portion of the contacts window that should be there.

Restarted the client and that resolved the problem.

User reboots his PC about once a week. Running Spark version 2.5.8