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Contact status is not updated

We started working with Spark/Wildfire one week ago, we are working with the last versions. I realized that when a user goes offline, this event is not showed in the rest of clients. This problem is fixed if I log out from Spark and connect again. Clients wouldn’'t try to update rooster status every time?



it seems to be a Spark bug and should be fixed with the next version according to http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/message.jspa?messageID=120236#120236


Hi All,

How are the clients disconnecting? Are they using Log Out or Exit?



I restarted Wildfire and everythig works fine but I supposse this situation I talked you before will come back soon. Something gets slept!

ddman: We tried to disconnect a user in the two ways, Log Out and Exit, and both of them worked correctly (the rest of users received the event and the sound was played). I will test the two ways when this situation I commented you come back.