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Contacts disappear from the roster

Have 50 + or - users and after the Openfire update yesterday then updated my client. I had one user experienced the group solitude. Logged them off and on to my computer with their account.same result. Add them to every group and all groups were present. had her log back on and removed her from all groups but her correct one. All seemed good. Then my login started the same thing. I did the same to me and it worked but only for a short time. I did a search for a user and all the sudden they all came back but then again a short time later they all vanished. The user search did not help them repopulate in my client but did allow me to chat with them. I tried to uninstall the 2.8.2 client and reinstall…no help. I tired to downgrade the client to 2.8.1 but again no joy. Uninstalled client again and manually deleted the appdata spark folder, then installed 2.8.2…No Joy.

After also looking into

DNS configuration appears to be missing or incorrect

I made some tweaks there and now my client see’s all groups as well.

OpenFire still does not seem to think DNS is correct but I am a SLD.

xmpp-server-001.tserver02.quality DNS configuration appears to be missing or incorrect.

Well i was not trying to hitchhike this post but trying to help as I was struggling with the same. I have now locked myself out of the console though all users are able to logon.

I have branched out your posts to a new discussion as it looks like a different issue in your case.

Thank you Wroot. I restored a backup of my Openfire from earlier in the day and look to still be on 4.1.0, have regained access to the Openfire web console and at the moment I can see all groups. The DNS entry on the Server Manager tab/server information still appears unhappy with the following.

Server Host Name (FQDN):xmpp-server-001.tserver02.quality DNS configuration appears to be missing or incorrect.

I am a SLD and it is just quality. no .local or .com

I created to DNS SRV records with the following

As everything appears to be functioning at this point I will leave well enough alone.

Still having issues with various users randomly loosing all contact groups except the one they are part of.

It looks similar to [OF-1263] Contact List sharing shows stale data - IgniteRealtime JIRA