Contacts from MSN / Yahoo no longer appear when I log in

I’‘ve stumbled into an issue with the gateways plugin that I’'m not able to rectify myself. For some reason when I log now I do not get a list of logged in (or not logged in) contacts from the server. This is with both the MSN and Yahoo! transports.

I’‘ve logged into the official clients using a different account to see if I’‘m actually getting logged into the services properly and I am, and can chat with myself with no problems… but I still don’'t get any contacts from either service in my chat client (iChat).

Has anyone else seen this before? Is there a fix?

I’‘ve tried deleting the transports plugin off of the server and reinstalling and configuring the services, but that didn’'t work.

What version of the plugin do you have installed?

Yahoo itself is quite busticated here and there, and I’'m not really looking into it much until post-1.0. But MSN is expected to work. Note that 1.0 Beta 8 fixed some nasty MSN issues.

Also note that MSN has been having a lot of exciting problems lately… 2 days ago it was causing gaim to crash over and over and over again. Next day all of a sudden it’'s behavior. Bah.