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Content Filter 1.1 Available

Hi all,

A new version of the content filter is available here. I am offering points for anyone willing to test it or has additional features they would like to see. A couple of new features have been added, including scanning of users presence status, the option to include the original message in violation notifications, and a much larger patterns input area. All being well, it will be posted on the plugins page fairly soon.




Just given it a quick go on our test server and it looks good. The new big filter list box is great, finally i can use my big bad word list! Also being able to see the banned message will make dealing with issues much simpler. User status filtering is also working as advertised. (win2k3,jm2.3.0.b1)

Two small would be nice ifs spring to mind:

Be able to mask and send a message back to the user. So user A sends ‘‘Dog off’’ , user B receives ‘’*** Off’’, the admin receives ‘‘User A is up to something’’ and then user A receives ‘’ Your last message was filtered, please read the school rules now’’ etc.

For the admin contact who receives the notifications to be an email and not an IM headline. Once alot of students use this I’'m sure the alerts will flood in, being email based would make handling issuse easier.

Also a quick question on regular expressions, assuming ‘‘dog’’ is banned:

\bdog\b dog walk becomes *** walk

\bDog\b dog walk becomes Dog walk

(?i)\bDog\b dog walk becomes *** walk

??? d*g walk

is there an expression that checks for matches even if a character is replaced by a symbol so for example d*g,d_g,d!g would get filtered.

Many many thanks for the update. I’'ll more this over to our main server on Monday and let you know how i get on, it is 2.2.2 so a little different.


is there an expression that checks for matches even

if a character is replaced by a symbol so for example

d*g,d_g,d!g would get filtered.

I see no point in doing such complex filters, you will never be able to filter everything and taht could lead to some complications in future. BTW, they can always double letters: ddoogg. Try to filter that

Conor, is this version compatible with JM 2.2.2 ?

hi wroot,

It used to run 2.2.2 but the minServerVersion was changed by Matt with this reason - “Updated minServerVersion to 2.3.0 for plugins with admin console integration to account for switch to Sitemesh.”

Functionally there is no reason that it can’'t run on 2.2.2 apart from the site mesh change. Some investigation required!

You raise an interesting point about word matching, its very easy to get around the regular expressions with only minor changes plus the perforrmace hit on exhaustive searching may be too high. I am considering options for a more fuzzy logic approach - using something like lucene. Anyone have any other suggestions?



A minor problem has been identifed, the minServerVersion was updated to 2.3.0, so the plugin won’'t run on your production server 2.2.2. Is it possible to update to 2.3.0? If not, I can make a 2.2.2 compatible version. Its not a content filter issue, it has to do with updates to how the Jive Messenger admin console works.

Thanks for the suggestion about email, it makes sense in a production environment. Others have suggested allowing the mask and sending a response to the sender aswell, thats certainly possible and I will investigate.



Just tried to upgrade the server to 230b1 and while it seems ok on the server side clients now won’‘t connect (Pandion). It doesn’'t even get as far as showing up in the Client Sessions web page The pandion log shows: ( nothing in the jive log though)

EVNT: Connecting to x.org.uk


EVNT: Disconnected

If i could fix this I wouldn’‘t need a 2.2.2 v of the plugin On reading other items in the forum about this it suggested that the xmpp.domain was different to the the user’'s domain, but they are the same. Any ideas?



Hey James,

A couple of things to consider.

  1. Make sure that the certificate that you are using matched the server domain. That means that you should complete with your server’'s name when asked for your first and last name

  2. Which version of Pandion are you using? Try using latest official release or the last beta version

  3. Try using Exodus to see if we can gather more information. But my guess is that the first recommendation will solve the problem.


– Gato

Well it took a bit longer than i planned but i’‘m now running 230b1 . Yes i had to create a new certificate and that allowed tls to work with Exodus (and ssl) but Pandion, beta or release, still hangs at the tls stage but works fine with ssl. So I’'m using ssl for now and all is working fine.

The new content filter is working great, had absolutly no issues with it yet. The status message cheker has nicly filled the filtering hole and ability to see the orignal packet just makes things so easy to administer. Having email alerts would be nice though as it is working too well and i can get quite a few alerts at once This filter and a db achive of all messages and not much is slipping through the net.

Many thanks


Will add email support asap and make final release this week.