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Content Filter Delimiter

Can someone please tell me what I’‘m supposed to use as the delimiter in the content filter component? I’'ve tried commas and semi-colons but gave up thinking someone would know…



Hi Peter,

The delimiter is a comma without any spaces in between each piece of content you want to filter.

Hope that helps,


That worked great!

And the field type is set to text so we should be able to get a lot of bad words in 65535 characters.

Thanks Ryan

it’'s a 4000 chars limit actually:


Is that if I use the internal database?

Im using MySQL and I was certain that Blob/Text was 65K


maybe thats about Internal, though i didnt mention i use it in that thread. Though Gato should know what i use by now

Hi Peter/Wroot,

You are both right, actually.

The two databases support slightly different field types/size with MySQL able to store up to 65535 characters and HQSQL able to store 4000 characters.