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Content Filter Exceptions

I have the content filter installed but it is catching to many common words with the offending word in it. Example is ass is in the filter so it will not allow password to come through. Is there a way to add an exclusion list?


Hi Jeffery,

There is no support for an exclusion list at the moment. Could be a nice thing to add.

However it may not be necessary because the content filter uses (java) regular expressions for pattern matching. Depending on your how well you know your regexps, it should be possible to define whole words matches, partial words matches etc.

Unfortunately I am not a regexp expert, but it would be useful to put together a few examples. Any experts our there care to provide some? If not I will try and put a few examples together for you.




If you want to match a whole word you should also be testing on the word boundarys

i.e. for “at” use the regexp \bat\b

If you want to ignore case you can use the regexp (?i)\bat\b .This match all whole words equal ignoring case with “at”, should match at, aT, At, AT, should not match cat, bat, ate

Hope that helps,


BTW if you find any bugs in content filter or would like to see more features, please post to the forum and I will do my best.

I actually couldn’'t do a thing in JAVA if I had to. That is why I rely on you all, thanks btw…

So how would I get ass or asshole to be in the list but not password? Or spook and not spooky?


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I tried this and it didn’'t catch ass… Did I put it in the wrong place?

There isn’'t a space there, it just added it in when I posted.


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Message was edited by: matt – don’'t think we need the list of bad words posted here. Please use different examples.

Maybe the forum needs a content filter

Opps, Sorry about that. I was in the heat of the moment thinking. I had a thought running through my head and there is only room for one at a time.

I apologize to anyone I may have offended.


(?i)\bcat will find any word that starts with “cat” ignoring case e.g.“Cat” and “cAtatonic” but not “concatenate”

if that doesn’'t meet your needs, then I suggest actually adding extact word matches,

e.g. (?i)\bcat\b, (?i)\bcatatonic\b etc. Its probably safer that trying to develop overly complex regular expressions, esp if you don’'t have a lot of experience with them.

hope that helps,


I’'m glad to see there is a way to catch app and not apple

but again I’'m struggling with the regular express format (I use regex of Perl on another project)

Google hits are looking a lot more complex than what is required here,

Does anyone have a link to a good info page on what the regex of java are?

I’'m getting the (?i) is ignor case and \b seems like a bracket but more info would be great.




This tutorial is pretty good. Java regular expressions are very similiar to Perls. If you know Perls you should have no problem with Javas.