Content Filter List

Does anyone have a list that they would not mind sharing as a base for ours?



I don’t imagine that forum admins would like lists posted, so see the private message I sent you, it has the list that has been working well for me so far.


as with closed and open source also sharing content filter lists using a public domain or GPL license so that everyone can improve it is as far as I can tell much better than keeping it private. There are a few public filter lists available, anyhow no “text content” filters:

  • to block inappropriate domains and URLs.
  • to block ad banners (doubleclick, …)
    The pr0n and ad companies now about them but there’s little they can do. So you may even publish your filter list in your intranet and wait for creative guys to bypass the filter.


Much appreciated to both of you, added a few words to the first list and it seems to be ok.

People have creative minds though…

You’d be surprised, I played hockey for many many years… and in the locker room, I heard some of the most creative combinations of words ever.

Hopefully this helps other. I attached the txt file with our content filtering. It has about 460 words. It is not a big list, but it works for basics, and lets users know that we are filtering and we care about the language.

Also, this might also be helpful. The way that I created the list was:

downloaded a list from some where. (in case you have your own list)

loaded that list in excel, and used concatenate, so for example the first row contains (?i)\b, the second row contains the word list that you want to filter, and the last row contains the closing \b,

So, you do =CONCATENATE (A1,B1,C1) and it gives you as a result (?i)\bwordlist\b

Copy that column with the results to a text editor and removed all the line breaks so it is one line.

I had to remove the line brake manually, but I am sure there must be a way to remove it automatically. Still manually only took me about 5 minutes, making the whole list creation process about 10 minutes long

Hi there Sean,

I know this thread is closed, but I was wondering if I could get a copy of that file as well. I am new to OpenFire and am having issues getting the foul words to be blocked.

Thank you,


Mike, I posted my list which I had to create since this question is answered. Check my post below, it has the content filter word list that you can add. We have been using it for over a year now