Content Filter Plugin not working


I have recently installed OpenFire 3.10.2 and Spark 2.7.2. I installed the content filter plugin, but can’t get it to trigger even with the simple example of “fox,dog”.

Content Filer Settings:

Filter: Enabled

Pattern: “fox,dog”

On Content Match: Reject

Rejection Notification: Disabled

Content Match Notification: Disabled

As a test I send a colleague a single message of fox (or dog) but nothing happens, the message is sent and received normally.

Can anyone assist, let me know what can possible be wrong?



Works for me (with Spark 2.7.3, but i don’t think it matters). I’ve just enabled it and saved the default configuration. Maybe try restarting the server, though i don’t have to do it, enabling and disabling works right away.

Yeah, I’ve rebooted the server, but it still acts like nothing is enabled.

I’m going to try removing and re-adding the plugin, see if that does anything.

Ok, I figured out that it DOES work, but the MASKing of filtered words does not work (which is what I was trying to do from the start).

I think this might be a bug in the content filter plugin.

@wroot, are you able to have it mask the words that are matched in the content filter with ***** for example?



Testing with the default fox and dog it does mask it for me. You have to Allow packets and Enable mask.

Hmm, strange. I set it to Allow and Enable Mask, with a mask of ****. But it allows the words on the list without masking. If I set it to Reject (with the rejection message) it functions properly and rejects the message.

Luis, Can you share with me how you got this to work? I can’t even get it to show up in the OpenFire Admin Console. I checked the files and the content filter shows it is installed under “Openfire\plugins\contentfilter”, but I cannot access it.

Any advise would be appreciated.