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Content filter problem

Hi all,

I just installed the content filter plugin but i can’'t activate it on the admin console, when i save properties, i have the following message :

Error saving the settings.

Is anyone got an idea ?


Hey JP,

Can you check if you have any error in the log files? You can check the logs from the admin console or by browsing the file system. The log files are located in /logs.


– Gato

Yes, I experienced too. And after I re-entered the filters and settings, they can be saved. But, I got different behaviour reather than expected according the setting.

Here is the setting:

  • enable and set Filter

  • enable and set Content Mask

  • disable Rejection Notification

  • enable and set Content Match Notification

Here are I got:

  • message from server: Disallowed content detected in message from:slametps@company.com/Gaim to:ET@conference.company.com, message was altered[/i]

  • I used Gaim: the filtered word is displayed AS IS but other client using Miranda, the filter is work, shouldn’'t it be filtered in server-side?

  • I got no mail notification at all