Content Filter - Regular Expressions

These regular expressions are for usage within Conors famous Content Filter Plugin.

Anyhow one can not mix various filters, so one must use either the Emotion or the URL filter.

Filter Emotions

Feel free to use them as soon as you know what “mask” you want to use.

Emotions (various)


Emotions (only Spark)

(^|\ )((?:||;)|X-(|;-)|B-)|:8}|:x|:D|:)|:-)|]:)|:(|:_||:^0|:0|:p|:||; \)(\ |$))+

Filter URLs

To make sure that domains which end with .org, .com and .info can not open properly in a browser one can use these patterns. Spark does convert everything which looks like an URL to a link, so will be converted into a link. Even with this filter this will happen, anyhow http://www.igniterealtime_org/ will return an invalid domain name or DNS error.

Filter pattern: .(org|com|info)

[x] Enable Mask, Mask: _$1

For anyone interested in filtering profanity (though it can only do so much), here is an example regex that can help a little (profanity word list taken from - a resource for web administrators , it can be expanded or modified but gives an idea): (?i)\b(word1|word2|word3)\b