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Content Filter


Been using the 1.1 plugin for a while now and its been working great, but now thinking of upgrading to Wildfire. The plugin listed for WF is 1.0.1 which I presume is a WF version of 1.0 . Is there a 1.1.1 for Wildfire perchance?

Also with all the recent fuss about viruses traveling over IM networks I was thinking that the content filter should also be extened to cover allowed/disalowed file types? I know the actual file transfer is done by the client and not WF but there must be a iq message that starts the process which i assume could be filterable?

If it’'s at all possible, could the option be added so that the alerts get emailed and not sent via IM. This was discussed before and i think being looked into. If you need any more details just let me know.

Many Thanks


Hey James,

Nice feature request. I extended a little bit the idea and created the issue JM-506 for this new feature. Feel free to vote for it to raise its priority.


– Gato


Great to hear that the plugin is useful to you. A new version of content filter will be out soon for Wildfire featuring the email feature. Will announce soon.

Gato has raised a jira issue for intercepting file transfers. It would be nice to add this to the content filter, but it may be easier to simply create another plugin.




Great to here that the Filetransfer plugin is coming soon. Is JM-108 then obsolete?



According to jira, Alex from Jive is working on this issue. I guess he is going to make it a separate plugin or else it will be a built in part of the system.