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Content negotiation in MUC?


I noticed with all pidgin (purple) clients, we an send custom smieys across our MUC. It sends them in the way you would expect: an XHTML-IM message with an IMG tag in it, whose src is a cid like:

    <img alt='something' src='cid:sha1+8f35fef110ffc5df08d579a50083ff9308fb6242@bob.xmpp.org'/>

This is followed by iq gets using xmlns=‘urn:xmll:bob’.

This all works great until I attach my first smack based client. At that point, all these images stop working.

Does the openfire muc have some kind of feature where it determines the least common denominator of all joined clients and stops sending these messages? That’s the only thing I can think of that would make it so that it works with clients A,B,C (pidgin), but you add a fourth (D, a bot using smack) and it stops.