Control the received messages in the history for an specified user

Hi, please help me!!

In the class “DiscussionHistory” I can control the received messages (history) when I join in the room, I can specify the date, for example with “setSince()”. Is there any way in the API to receive the messages (history) when I specify an user?

For example, I specify to API (with some way) the user "", so, when I join in the room I will receive only his messages in the history. Do you understand?

Sorry for my English, I´m brazilian.

as far as I know the smack api does not provide this functionality.

It sounds like quite a nice idea though so if you fancy maybe you could extend the API to include it

Well, I can try do this, but I have no idea how to start. Maybe I must extend the server too (I use Wildfire). I accept suggestions[/b]…

Hey hially,

The feature you are requesting can be handled by the client. In Smack you can use PacketFilters to filter the info you are looking for. If you decide to modify the server to handle this requirement then you will be differing from the url= specification[/url]. That is not a bad thing per se but you will be on your own when new updates come up even with the server and the client.


– Gato