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Control who can send messages to a specific group?

Our organization has decided to run a pilot test of Spark and Openfire, with IT, our executives and a few other essential personnel. However, the IT dept utilizes a ticketing system and we are still trying to get everyone to use that exclusively instead of stopping us in the hallway. The concern our director has, is that using IM will create another avenue for support requests, circumventing our helpdesk system.

I’ve configured Openfire on two servers…one for IT and one for the public. However, we are wondering if there is a way we can have one server but restrict the other users’ ability to contact us, only permitting us to contact them? Is there an “invisible” option somewhere? Or even a plugin that I am overlooking?

I’ve been told that MS Messenger Enterprise will do something similar, but we are looking to stay open-source, as we are a non-profit.

Thanks for your help in advance.

You can try Packet filter plugin (available via Admin Console) and see is it possible to achieve what you need. Though i think it only possible to disable two-ways chating, not only one-way. Also, there is another plugin Raptor, but it could be complicatesd to configure, though it is more powerful. http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1644