Controlling presence via wildfire

I’'ve installed Spark and Wildfire on a network of 200 users, and its great!

My goal is to produce a plugin which will allow Spark to display which users are currently on their IP phones. We have CallManager, and I have some development done with JTAPI. I have only deployed Spark/Wildfire recently, so I know I have a lot of reading to do. My main question at this point is, should i be developing a Spark plugin, or a Wildfire plugin, if I am looking to set users presence information on Spark reflecting their phone status…does anyone have any good source for setting presence (i am looking at the presence plugin for retrieving presence).

Is there a good plugin development tutorial out there? So far, I have just been browsing through source code…



just clarified a little.

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Hi avidan,

It’‘s good to hear you’'re enjoying Spark and Wildfire.

For what you’‘re looking to do you’'ll want to develop a Wildfire plugin, and in fact, the url= plugin[/url] would be a great reference plugin for you to work with since it integrates Wildfire with Asterisk (an IP based PBX). Probably the best place for you to start is download or checkout from svn the url=[/url] of both the Wildfire and Asterisk-IM projects.

As for documentation on how to build plugins and Wildfire, there are url=[/url] kb articles and the Plugin Developer Guide[/url].

Hope that helps,


Thank you!

I will start reading today.


So I started by downloading the source for both wildfire and asterisk-im.

Firstly, excellent coding style. The OOP is stellar. (and there are comments!)

In looking into the asterisk-im plugin, it seems there are only 4 files that refer to the asterisk-java library. 2 of them are short and informational. Am I correct in assuming that all the Asterisk interaction is occuring in these two files?

If so, will my goal be to re-create the same output as Asterisk-java creates, just by using Cisco’'s JTAPI? I dont think it will be a simple task, but i do look forward to it.

Whats the quickest way to compile asterisk-im and do basic testing, if i dont have asterisk installed…


Hi avidan,

Unfortunately, my dreams of deploying Asterisk where I work never came to fruition so I have never really worked with the plugin and my knowledge of it is very limited. However, building the Asterisk-IM plugin should be the same as any other plugin; copy the asterisk-im source directory to the wildifre/target/plugins directory and then use the “plugin” ant target. As for testing, it looks like there is a test source directory but it looks like it doesn’'t do much. You might want to try posting in the url= Support[/url] forum to see if someone over there can provide you with more detailed help.

Hope that helps,