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Controlling Spark Preferences from Wildfire Console?

I am the administrator of a school and we have had great success using wildfire/spark solution.

I would like to be able to control the preferences of the spark clients from wildfire such as timeout, minimise on startup etc.

I thought the enterprise edition might allow me to do this but could not see anywhere in the features section, and also being a school it is highly unlikely that we would be given the funds to purchase this.

I understand that all of the settings are in the spark.properties file, but cannot see anyway to change this on everyone’'s profile. (we have around 80 clients)



According to this page, there are special prices available for non-commercial entities.

However, it looks like the settings you requested are not part of the enterprise version.

Maybe you could set up an example preferences file and just copy that one to all machines?

Yes although that would mean they would have to enter their username and password again.

Teachers are the laziest IT users in the world :\

I would prefer a method that changed the spark client to not have to rely on the spark.preferences file and let all the settings be in the users registry. This would allow creation of ADM templates to control it from group policy.