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Controlling who is talking to whom


Is it possible to control who is talking to whom in openfire? ie If I have 3 users a b and c, I want a to talk to b and c, but b and c should not talk to each other.

Is such a configuration possible?



Openfire itself does not allow this. But one can write a plugin similar to the content filter which allows this, see http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=24135 for a short discussion. You could send the author a private message or revive the thread to get an update about this plugin.

I just hope that “Sander” misses these threads, otherwise she or he will blame again Igniterealtime for offering plugins which violate the XMPP specification.

If b and c are normal users without much XMPP knowledge you could also set up a privacy for both which blocks their communication - but as soon as you have some more users you will not be happy doing it this way as it is a lot of work.


Won’'t the ‘‘Wall of China’’ feature which is near the top of the Openfire wishlist implement this too?