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Conversation Log

I am new to Wildfire and would like to know if there is a way to add conversation log. We would like to be able to monitor conversation that are going on


I’'m new too, but it appears that every message goes into the debug log, if you have it enabled… You could write a script that parses the debug log and pulls out the messages.

What server are you going to do this on? (so I know to watch what I say)

Have a look at the options available for “Message Audit Policy” - it might be more convenient than just the debug log.

Thanks that was it

In regards to this thread I can see the fact that so and so sent a message are you able to read the message details?

It does sound creepy that someone can read your messages. I will plan to use this service as a local service only for staff. Staff is asked to keep conversations work related and clean, having 20 year olds that behave like 13 well rules dont matter. I would like to pull the chats just in case I need to get someone straighted out.

There’'s also that “iball” thing. =)

(wildfire plugin that specifically does chat logging, very easily readable from the admin console… just look up the user in Users/Groups and click on them and you’'ll see Chat Logs listed)