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Conversation Logging Options

Hi There, I have already done some search, but with such generic terms, I have not found anything substantial. We are looking to see if there is a way, either with or without a plugin, to be able to do daily/weekly/monthly logging by conversations as opposed to the standard Message Audit Policy that stores the logs in more of a syslog style. We have tested with the Monitoring plugin, which appears to work for what we are looking for, but it appears that the conversations can only be exported in PDF. We would ideally prefer to have logs that can be stored and searchable other than having to log into the interface to perform any searches.
Any direction / ideas?

Thank you in advance!


You may try this app, though i haven’t tried it in many years, might not be compatible Openfire Audit Log Reader

Your other options is to develop your own app to format read logs, or Openfire plugin doing such logging (similar to Monitoring, but with your desired output). You can also try contacting professional services partners to develop such solution for you https://www.igniterealtime.org/support/service_providers.jsp