Conversation start Event

Hi, i’m trying to increment Motd plugin to send a message every time a new conversation start… But i did not find a way to handler this event… , has also had a look at the plugin monitoring but have not had success.

Does anyone know how this could be done.


I’m look for the same thing…

Any can help us?

Look at the OpenArchive plugin. You might be able to reuse the method it uses to determine when conversations start and end. It is using the PacketInterceptor class to look at all chat messages.

Hi Dele

Thanks for reply!

I need is the following:

when I open a new chat window, the system automatically informs you that the messages are monitored.

but have not found any plugin that performs this function.

Read this

I understand and I have this plugin installed.

I need that when you open a new chat window, the system informs the user to a preprogrammed message informed that the system is monitored.

I do not need the last message typed by the user appears. Only the message pre configured.