Copy message, modify to address and send to another server on server


I have a requirement, every user has two kinds of client, when user send a message in any client, the message should be received in both.

I came up with an idea using two openfire servers, one for one kind of client with different domain.

The problem is how to copy every message on each server, modify the to address and send to the sever?

And is there a way to achieve this requirement by one openfire server?

Does anyone have ideas?

Message Carbons would be the XMPP answer to this – both users attach to the server using different resources and the server routes messages for the bare JID to all connected clients.

SeeFeature Request: Send message to all resources (later responses in the thread) and Re: Confused with XEP-0280: Message Carbons and Openfire 3.9.3 for some more information about the status of Message Carbons in Openfire and various clients.