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Copy users from linux to windows?

We’‘re moving our OpenFire server from a linux box to a windows box. Is there a simple way of copying the users over? Nothing else needs to be copied (though if it is, it isn’'t a big deal).



You can use the user import / export plugin to create XML output of your userbase. XML won’'t care what OS you move to or from, such is the beauty of XML.

If you are using the latest version of Openfire, the plugin is in the official plugin repo, so you can install it by simply clicking the relevant link in your admin interface.

Once installed, you can click on the users/groups tab in your Openfire admin admin interface and export / import the data.

The docu for this plugin says +“The user import/export plugin provides a way to import and export Openfire user data via the Admin Console. The user data consists of username, password, name, email address, creation and modified date, and roster list (aka “buddy list”). This plugin also can aid in the migration of users from other Jabber/XMPP based systems to Openfire.”+

So it looks like it will do the job for you.