Could not start openfire

rmp -iv openfire-3.5.2-1.i386.rpm

service openfire start

<no errors in log>

netstat -an | grep 9090


telnet localhost 9090

<no connection>

The firewall is open for 9090 and 5222 ports.

Thanks for help.


Hi Dave,

Are you seeing any errors in the log files? /opt/openfire/logs/


Hi Daryl,

only nohup.out

  1. more nohup.out

sh: nohup: command not found

nohup is under /usr/bin


Wow, that is an odd error. The init script puts /usr/bin in your $PATH, but never exports it. I wonder if this is a bug… Anyway, try modifying your /etc/init.d/openfire script and change nohup to /usr/bin/nohup


Solved. Thanks!