Cpu high usage


actually I have installed Wildfire 2.6.2 and clients have Spark version 1.1.0.

I wanted to upgrade clients into 1.1.4, but after some tests, we realized that often the CPU Usage of workstation was too high… especially while we were starting a chat. I have then decided to install back the old version 1.1.0 of Spark, because it seemed that with this version we never encountered the same issue, but unfortunately some users informed me that they still have this problem.

Could please give me an advice? shall I anyway install Spark 1.1.4? Why the CPU Usage is so high?

I precise that workstations have all XP Windows and are 2GHz CPU and 512 RAM.

Hi siu,

Could you give me some numbers of high CPU usage? I’'m curious what would really be causing any high cpu usage. Does it only occur when starting a chat?



Hi Derek,

CPU usage reaches 99% while chatting with any user… but the problem is that it does not happen always… it happens sometimes, and it is annoying … I am sorry.

I know that it is difficult to monitor and understand such an issue, because it is not chronic issue… it happens just sometimes.

Please, if you have any suggestions, I will be grateful.




See if you are having the same problem as I was:



there is also SPARK-294 Need better logic around avatar handling (fixed for 2.0 but still an issue with 1.1.4)

Could you please create a thread dump ( http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/entry.jspa?externalID=521&categoryID=20 ) while it is using 100% cpu?



I found on this link to interesting suggestion namely:


"I figured out what is causing the slowdown. This is totally bizarre.

Create a shortcut on your desktop (right-click on the desktop -> new -> shortcut)

Now where it says type the location of the item, enter the path to your desktop, so for example enter C:\Documents and Settings\JohnDoe\Desktop

Then click next, and then name the shortcut something, I left it as “Desktop”. Then click Finish.

The new shortcut will have the “Show Desktop” icon.

Now that the shortcut is created, start spark. It will run at 100% processor utilization. "


“I removed the users profile from their workstation and off of our server (it’'s a roaming profile). I then had them log-on. This created them a brand new profile. Spark works with no problems.”

Which one is more efficient and what shall I do exactly for each points??

FIRST: shall I delete all SHOW DESKTOPO shurtcut which are present on the user’'s workstation??

SECOND: how can I remove profiles from workstation and from server?? you mean Windows profile or WildFire profile??

Thank you


I found that it’'s best to just remove the shortcut instead of the entire Windows profile.


if I have the following situation what should I do:

Shortcut “Show Desktop” is not present on Desktop

On Show Quick Launch (left-hand side of the screen, near START) there is the icon which calls the program “Show Desktop”

Shall I remove this icon?? is it really a problem?


You must not be having the same problem that I had.

My problem was caused by a shortcut on the desktop that was a shortcut to the desktop.

The “Show Desktop” icon in the quick launch area does not have to be removed.

One more thing: I just checked, and this problem isn’'t present in the Spark 2.0 beta.


you may still want to create one or better more thread dumps, there one can see which thread is using 100% CPU and probably fix it.