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Crash in AbstractComponent after reconnection

Tinder’s AbstractComponent class crashes if it receives a packet after having being reconnected to the server.

Indeed, the executor is shutdown but reused in processPacket (RejectedExecutionException).

A correction is to test if the executor is shutdown in the start command (current code just tests the null pointer).

if (executor == null || executor.isShutdown()) {                executor = new ThreadPoolExecutor(maxThreadPoolSize,                          maxThreadPoolSize, 60L, TimeUnit.SECONDS,                          new LinkedBlockingQueue<Runnable>(maxQueueSize));           }

Patch attached.
tinder-reconnection.patch.zip (503 Bytes)

Thank you for your bugreport. You’re quite right, the component should be restartable. I’ve created a JIRA issue for this: TINDER-31.

Your patch has been committed, along with a unit test that verifies that a bug like this doesn’t get reintroduced. Thanks again!