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Create a user with a group assigned to it

Hi folks,
I have installed Rest API plugin 1.8.2 i looked at the documents but could not find an endpoint which basically let me create a user with a group. Does anyone know if this is possible?
Also an example will help

Thank you

Basically i got the endpoint detail and request works fine. I am not able to add the groupname when creating a user.
is this a property name a groupname?

I don’t think that you can create a user and add that user in a group in one request. There are a couple of ways to do it with two requests though. One of the endpoints that can be used for that is POST /restapi/v1/users/{username}/groups/{groupName}

Thank you, oh yes i have figured it out.
In order to update the password, do you know any direct API? looks like i have delete the user and recreate with updated password.

The other question, someone might be able to help. when we send a direct message to another xmpp user will it be possible to store and retrieve the chat messages history? i can see there is a history api for chatrooms but what about a direct message sent to another xmpp user?

Thank you

I don’t think that exists.

That does not exist. I have had a request for something similar recently, so maybe this will be added in the future.

Thank you guus,
For now i will create another api and save in the database.
I hope this feature will be available soon :wink: