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Create ICQ Transport

How to create ICQ transport??Please

It’'s currently not possible because Jive Messenger does not have support for components. Gaston is working on that right now, but it will not officially be available until JM 2.2 is released.

Hey rabbite,

Alexander Buloichik and Noah Campbell are building a gateway framework. The framework should let you build new specific gateways easily by just instantiating the framework and implementing the protocol specific to the legacy IM network. So if you know Java and are willing to help let me know so I can put you in contact with them.

If you want to use an existing ICQ transport/gateway you might want to check out JIT, url=http://pyicq-t.blathersource.org/features.phpPyICQ[/url] and url=http://pyaim-t.blathersource.org/features.phpPyAIM[/url]. The last two are written in Python and as far I can tell PyAIM and PyMSN are working fine with Jive Messenger. Attached to this email you can see a nice screenshot.


– Gato