Create new empty contact group

I am trying to create a new empty group on Spark.

Steps to create group:

  1. Contacts tab : select Add Contact group

  2. Enter Name of Group: Test

  3. cilck on ok

I can see the newly created group on spark but when i logout and login again the newly created group disappears.

Some one can help me on this issue.

sorry for the obvious question - but you have configured Spark to display empty groups?

This is simply how XMPP works. Groups are attached to contacts if the group has no contacts then according to XMPP this group does not exist. There maybe intuitive ways to deal with this but I would ask you this question, why do you want an empty group?


Hi Alex,

I would like to create a group (say mySchoolFriends) then want to move some id’'s which are in other group(say friends) to this newly created group(mySchoolFriends). Its like any messanger works(i.e. yahoo or google)



Create the group(s) then move the friends, just like any other im client.



Hi Alex,

Thanks for your help.

Need one more help. I created new group then i can add new contact in that group. and its working fine.

But now i want to drag a contact say ‘‘aparna’’ from old group and drop in the new group. Can you pls help me on this issue.