Create pc to pc Calls from internet

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post so my apologies. I am having this issue with my users making PC to PC calls externally(over the Internet).

This is my current Openfire Setup

OS: Windows 2003

Authentication Engine: AD


LAN Addresses:

WAN: w.x.y.z/26

Port Settings local Server:

All addresses 5222 Client to Server Listening IP
All addresses 5223 Client to ServerListening IP
All addresses 80 Admin Console Listening IP
All addresses 443 Admin ConsoleListening IP
All addresses 7777 File Transfer Proxy Listening IP
All addresses 7070 HTTP Binding Listening IP
All addresses 7443 HTTP Binding Listening IP
All addresses 10000 - 20000 Real time media proxy Listening IP
All addresses 3478 & 3479 STUN Service listen on and .5
All addresses 5229 Flash Cross Domain

Firewall: All the above Ports are open in my firewall


Asterisk-IM Openfire Plugin 1.4.0
Broadcast 1.7.0
Client Control 1.0.3
Clustering Plugin 1.2.0
Content Filter 1.5.0
Email Listener 1.0.0
Fastpath Service 4.1.0
Fastpath Webchat 4.0.0
Monitoring Service 1.1.1
MotD (Message of the Day) 1.0.4
Packet Filter 2.0.2
Presence Service 1.4.0
SIP Phone Plugin 1.0.5
Search 1.4.3
User Service 1.3.0

At the moment everything is working fine thanks to help and documentation included in website. the only thing which is really killing me is making voice calls which is not happening. the only way it works is if users VPN to servers first then it would work. I checked the logs on the client and nothing indicates that there is an issue and it shows connection is established. I was wondering if i am doing something wrong here or if the voice part is not designed to work over the Internet (I just read this somewhere which says voice calls only works in LAN).

I would really appreciate any help

Any body?? WOW 204 READs and no body HELP please.

Any help !!! anyone else with the same issue, just to update i installed Elastix with voip support which gives me the voice anyways, but would be intresting to know why this is not working.

Sorry and i know i am not meant to do this but really need this and see if its possible or not, currently i am using asterisk for voice but really i would prefer not to use it and use openfire instead, if its not possible it would be great if any of the experience users can explain or so say no its not possible,

again many thanks