Create the Wildfire.exe

I did small modifications in Wildfire API, so now I need to create the Wildfire.exe (include Java JRE). How can I do this, step by step?


I wonder why you need a new wildfire.exe. Your changes will be reflected in other jar files, so you need no new file to launch wildfire.

Or do you want to create a new installer? A MSI installation file may be much better for Windows users while I prefer a .zip or version.


Sorry, I will explain better. I added some methods e attributes in the class

“” and now I want these new features running in my server.


so where is your problem? I assume that you are using Eclipse as described in Building Wildfire with Ant or Eclipse[/url] and run a build all? Then use the created jar files to overwrite the original ones and restart Wildfire.


it2000 is correct that you shouldn’‘t need to create a new exe file. If for some reason you do need to create one, you’'d need Install4j.



Thank you very much. I will try to create the jar files.