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Created a linux webserver for basic instant messaging.

So I was at work today and found that myself and a colleague were unable to communicate as we were both on separate sites with no signal on our mobiles. This gave me the idea of hosting my own basic IM server as most IM services are blocked through our firewall but my home server is allowed.

Currently I run a few Ubuntu 12.04 VMs and am ideally looking for a very simple web based, self hosted IM server. As basic as just defining a temporary username for that session only would be fine as I don’t really want user accounts if I can help it.

I’ve looked into Jabber which may be a viable option, but wondered if anyone else had done something similar?

It is possible. Install Openfire, enable anonymous login, install InVerse plugin and access it via a browser. Or use Pade client (Chrome extension). There can be more to it, but in general this should work.

Thanks it worked, my issue has been resolved

Thank you!



Thank you so much for sharing this helpful information, my issue has been resolved.

Thanks and regards.:slight_smile: