Creating a custom packet class how to get SMACK to recognize it?

Hey all,

I am sending a custom message via XMPP to a XMPP server implementation I have created. That server then sends back a response message back to my client. My problem now is that while I see the message recieved in the debugger I am not able to set up a listener for it or get ANY sort of acknowledgement that the client read a response back from the server. Are there examples anywhere out there that will help me be able to read back messages from my XMPP server. Set up listeners and such?

After doing some more investigation of the SMACK code I think that the problem is in PacketReader.parsePackets(). This routine takes any data read in from the reader socket and then does something based on the element name. It will ONLY do something if the element name is of a specific type. As far as I can see it only deals with element names which have to do with XMPP handshakes and IM tags.

So how can this library work as a NON-IM client library? How can the PacketReader detect incoming messages (stanzas) which have NOTHING to do with IM and then send it onto listeners to handle. If people would like I can provide more data as to what my code looks like (both my client code and the custom packet I have created) and also what my Stanza are going to look like.

Can SMACK work with stanza which do not have anything to do with IM?