Creating a new PacketExtension

I’'d like to create my own PacketExtension subclasses in my Wildfire plugin, but it appears that there is no way to register a new extension class as the +registeredExtensions+ Map in is protected and there are no public methods which modify it. Is this intentional? It seems odd that the only class that extends PacketExtension is DataForm.

If you can’‘t extend a PacketExtension it doesn’'t seem very extensible…er sensible.



See ack/provider/ProviderManager.html

This is actually in Wildfire, not Smack. I brought this up at the group chat yesterday and Matt confirmed that I was correct. Not sure if he created an Issue for it yet, but I’‘m assuming it’'s in the pipeline to be fixed at some point.

Oh, I’‘m sorry, didn’'t look at the forum name