Creating a Smack 3.2 release

I am wondering what it would take to push out a 3.2 beta in the near future. There have been a few questions raised about the fact that there hasn’t been a release in 2 years, and someone also mentioned that they want to use some of the newer (unreleased) code in the Apache Camel project, but can’t since they don’t have an actual release to reference.

There have been many changes already and I would like to create a beta release as soon as possible, from the code as is if that is feasible (after reviewing outstanding bugs of course). Who can tell me how I can go about taking on that task? I know Guus has already done so for OpenFire, so I would like to follow his lead and take on the same task for Smack. Who do I need to talk to and what priviliges do I need to make that happen.

I agree that this should be done. And i hope Spark to release beta as soon as possible. Hell, it can be with bugs, but we must show users those projects are still alive. Not everyone is watching svn and most new users will only check the last release date and be gone. I hope Benjamin or Daryl will see this and help you with this release.

Any of the admins should be able to help you setup SVN access. Beyond that, I think Guus is the de facto expert on the build system.

Thanks, I already have svn access as a contributor, so I guess I will try to contact Guus.

I’d be happy to help out. Could you have a quick chat with Henning too? We had a related chat a couple of weeks ago - he might have some ideas of his own.

I sent him a message last week and haven’t heard back, so I would like to move this forward on my own.

If he is still interested, I will more than welcome any help/assistance in doing a release and coming up with a roadmap for future releases. Like most, my time is limited and the more people we can have involved the more likely the project can thrive and continue to move forward.

So how can I proceed? I am thinking that I can start by updating the fixed issues to reflect a 3.2 release instead of 3.1.1. Outside of that I am not sure what process would be necessary to facilitate a beta release. I would like to see a beta release in users hands as soon as possible to find out if there are any gating issues. From reviewing the current issues, I didn’t see anything that I thought would gate a release.

Go for it.

I did a quick reviewing of the JIRA permission settings, and if I’m not mistaken, you should have the privileges to move around the issues in any way you like (if not, poke me, and I’ll try again).

When you get Jira, the code (svn) and documentation in a state that you see fit as a beta release, give me or akrherz a heads up. Together, we can tag code, move the latest build to the downloads page, etc. It’d be nice if you could prepare a blog post describing the release too.

Thanks Guus, I won’t be making much changes to the code at this point, but I have already started to mavenize the build process and I am hoping that I will get that in place before a full release is done, although if I can get it accomplished soon enough I will make those changes for the beta.

I tagged a version last night, so can you or akrherz create a build from it? I don’t have access to Bamboo to do it myself (not that I would know how to anyway).

I will prepare a blog post either tonight or on the weekend and hopefully we can have a beta release by next week.

So you are ready to release beta version? I’m wondering is it possible to include memory leak patch into this release. SMACK-270

I’ll try to set some time aside this weekend. Next few days are going to be a little crazy with need-to-get-this-done-before-the-holidays…

I know what you mean Guus. I will send you a private message later (probably the weekend) with a few questions about the release process you are already using with regards to builds and such.

Oh, I have access to Bamboo now as well.