Creating new users?

Hello, i am required to not allow users to register new accounts on the server, however i needed to create new users from a privileged account, i.e. admin, however, it seems that the admin is also forbidden from creating new users. I used a not-so-clean technique by inserting the new accounts directly on the database jiveuser, and filled the encrypted password with the corresponding blowfish output, using the key found in jiveproperty. Is there a neat way to do that? thanks in advance.

Did you find a clean solution for this? I’'m also facing the same problem. Anyone please?

You could modify the registration plugin (server-side) to require the admin login/authentication and do what you require. I have modified it to support group functionality, for example.

The source code for plugins is included with the Openfire sources.

I’'ve actually used the user service plugin and solved my problem.