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Creating rosters for multiple users in openfire and sharing

For my chat application, I need to create a roster for say 100 employees. These employees roster should contain their mangers. A manager’s roster will have all the employees reporting to him.

One shared employee can report to multiple managers at same time and he will be in the roster of two managers and in his roster there will be two managers.

To implement this in openfire, This is what I followed.

  • Created users M1 and M2 (managers).

  • Created users E1, E2, E3 (employees).

  • For M1, I created roster containing E1, E2 and M2. Now to automatically add M1 in the rosters of E1, E2 and M2 I could find the option of shared group and it worked.

However creating different groups for 100 different employees combination is not the optimum to do it. There has to be other way that I am not able to find.

Can anybody help me please? And yes, I am new to openfire.

Thanks in advance,