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Creating user titles & groups

Is there any way to do this?

I want to add short titles after people’s usernames and have them populate that in everyone’s user list. I also want to split users into different groups and have that pushed to all of the buddy lists. Sorry if this is a stupid question but not seeing the option to do either of these things.

Check Users/Groups in Admin Console. You can create groups there. Then you can go to group’s settings and enable sharing of it and set a sharing name. This group will be shared to other users (by default to all users). Then you can put users into groups. If you create users in Admin Console, you specify a Name field. Shared group will show its users with their Name values.

It seems a lot of these options are greyed out due to the system being synced with AD. Is there any way to edit things such as user names in this case?


In the case of AD, you can’t change user information in the Admin Console. I think you should form you LDAP query in such way, so it would pull names instead of usernames, but can’t help with that. Don’t know much about LDAP.