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Creating & Using Chat Rooms

Can someone help step me through the process of using group chats/chat rooms?

I can’'t seem to find the documentation on this, and have been trying to piece together how to do this from the forum area, and that has been a bit sketchy.

We are running the latest version of Jive Messanger (2.2.1 i believe) on a

Windows 2000 box, and are using a mix of the Exodus and Trillian Pro 3 clients (an probably will be moving completely to Trillian Pro).

We are using this in an intranet environment and it is loaded on a server called tciesales. We have created a chat service called EsalesGroupChat.

How do I actually start the chat with others or invite others to join. I’‘ve tried sending a message to EsalesGroupChat@chat.tciesales no go. that opens up a window and i can send messages to, but no one can see them and i can’'t see anything anyone else is sending to that address. sending messages to EsalesGroupChat@tciesales does the same thing.

If i use the “Join conference” function in Trillian, it opens up a similar window that no one else can see or participate in, and i’'m merely messaging myself.

Tried Exodus with similar results.

Hey Brian,

The problem is that packets are not being sent to the correct groupchat service address. Follow these steps to make sure that you are setting and using correct addresses:

  1. Log into the admin console

  2. In the main page you can see the “Server Name” that you are currently using. From your post I would say that you should be seeing “tciesales”. Just make sure that the name is written in lowercase and that it can be resolved by the DNS server so other people can find and connect to the server

  3. Click on the Group Chat tab. You will now see the group chat service name. Make sure that the name is in lowercase. If you are going to have people from other remote servers connecting to your group chat service then make sure that the group chat service address (i.e groupchat service name + the server name) (e.g. server name=tciesales and group chat service address=conference.tciesales) are resolvable by the DNS server.

  4. Restart the server if you had to make any changes.

At this point you have set the server name and the group chat service address. With this information you are now ready to use the group chat service. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in from Trillian to your server and open the Join Conference Room window. In the Room field you can enter any name (always using lowercase and with no white spaces). In the Server field enter the group chat service address (e.g. conference.tciesales).

  2. After you have joined you may get a room configuration window. If the room already exists then no configuration window will appear.


– Gato