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CSCE 492 project

Well we are using wildfire/spark clients as a base for our CSCE 492 project(software project class). To adapt it to a system that will easily connect students in the same classes. As well as adding in some new features.

One of the main things that we will have to add is an automatic contact list generation. Basically what we want to do is when each person registers an account at our server we want the classes they are in recorded and we would be keeping a database of classes as well as the students in those classes.

Upon the login of each student we wanted the contact list auto generated for the classes they are in to list all the students in that class that are also signed up for our server. This is so everyone int he class is automatically connected to everyone else via the program.

I was posting this to see if anyone had any thoughts on us doing this/ Ideas about implementation/anything out there that may already do this type of thing.

Any thoughts are appreciated =)

Hey Tim,

Welcome to Wildfire! Have you checked out the shared group functionality? With shared groups you can manage rosters from the server side. Moreover, groups and users can be integrated with any backend. Wildfire may read users and their groups from your backend you can then configure the groups to be shared (from the admin console). Once a user logs in his roster will automatically be populated with the groups and their members.


– Gato