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Cstux needs a funny bio :)

Hey all, cstux is the new Spark project lead. (I just updated in JIRA) I’m about to update the Spark website pages to set him as the project lead, but he needs a bio to go in the box.

See here for example: http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/spark/documentation.jsp

cstux has veto, but offer some suggestions so I have something to put up.

I can’t suggest any complete sentence, but i will throw a few pieces

“Can tell the difference between JMF and FMJ”

“Fixing glitches in Spark and renovating his new house - that’s real multitasking”

“I’ll look what i can do” - his usual answer to my wining about some bug or new features or anything

“SVN admins beware! Committing at the light speed”

Maybe i’ll come up with something else or better later