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Ctrl+C broken?


while chatting my Spark installation does recognize CtrlX and CtrlV in the ChatInputArea but not CtrlC. I can use CtrlC in the TranscriptWindow anyhow.

And I can even use my mouse to drag and drop text from the TranscriptWindow into the ChatInputArea. Unfortunately it is inserted at the end (probably that’'s what most users expect) and not where the cursor was/is.

In the ChatInputArea it is not possible to use the mouse to drag and drop a marked block, would be a nice feature.

The only thing I want to get fixed soon is the Ctrl+C problem. Maybe someone want’‘s to confirm that I’'m not the only one with this problem?


Yes, Ctrl-C is not working in Chat Input Area. Spark 1.1.1, Windows version.

Yup. Weak I’'ll get this fixed for 1.1.2. SPARK-232 can be used to track this issue.



I just wanted to mention that Shift+Insert (paste) isn’'t working in the linux version (Spark 1.1.1)



Is ctrl+v working for paste?


ctrlv does work for me, while shiftinsert does not.

ctrlinsert / shiftinsert have less conflicts than ctrlc / ctrlv and I believe work in win32 just as well as they do in linux, I will borrow a win32 machine tomorrow or ask someone to check just to be sure.



no, ctrl-insert isnt working in win32 too.