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Custom Authentication Process in openfire

Even if we are using custom authentication class, is get roster request sent? If yes, can we avoid getting the roster in custom authentication of openfire?

Thanks in advance.

Authentication and Rosters are two different things. You can have custom providers for each in your Openfire, but each will only be used when the client needs them. I can’t think of an example where they’re used at the same time.

Rosters are a pretty basic component of Openfire, but clients need not use them. Clients that log in anonymously, for example, typically don’t have a roster.

When the user logins to openfire, after the authentication user roster is fetched. Can we avoid fetching the roster at authentication time? Any of the chat clients including spark and smack fetches the roster at the authentication time.

The roster is fetched because the client requests the roster after it finishes (not as part of) authentication. If you want to prevent this from happening, you will need to modify the client, not Openfire.

Thanks, I got your point.

i would be willing to try that…but i am not sure how to do it…these are installed on centos.
can you point me in the right direction?


I don’t understand your question.

thanks my issue has been fixed.