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Custom Client Control

Hi, I need some information to do a custom client control. we are developing our own client in .net for our internal corporate use. I am looking for some menthod to only allow our custom client on the openfire server. I saw there is a plugin called "Client Control " but i dont know how to use it and what to implement in our client to esnure only client is accepted by server and not any other .

I would appreciate if some one can guide me though this .



you need to add the name of the client your are developing to the list and choose to allow it. see image:


Hi, but how would the server know just by the name that which client is connecting . does the client needs to send its name in the xmpp messaging packet.

pretty much all clients broadcast their name. Some even allow you to spoof other applications. So yes it would need to broadcast that info in order to work.

can you please tell me the format of the message to declare the client name . does it does in here xmlns=“ourclient:client” ?