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Custom database user fullname integration

I have openfire setup using a custom user database. Login works fine, chatting works fine.

I’ve been using Pidgin as a test client along with the Cisco jabberwerx tutorial client and the sampleclient.html provided with the Cicsco Jabber SDK.

At some point a user’s full name from the custom user database was automatically used as an alias for that user in one of the buddy lists. I for the life of me can’t reproduce this behavoir. It has only happened the one time and I can’t figure out how. The full name was shown both pidgin and the cisco js client.

Any ideas how this happend?

Similarly, Pidgin is showing conversation logs as:

(11:34:12 AM) chadmin@spr-032312/6bd5cb4c: hi

Where is this suffix coming from? It appears to be some conversation ID. When the previously discussed full name alias replace occured, the conversation ID suffixes stopped being applied and all I saw was the alias. Pidgin is showing these but the cisco js client is not. The display of the server address as part of user names is also inconsistent between clients; pidgen shows them and the cisco client does not.

How can I control these sufixes and the server address?