Custom Development/ Enhancements

Hi all,

i want to enhance/customize the standard workflow, how can i do it?

Ex: When the user registers/chats/tranfers file, i want to update some records in DB and fetch the same later whenever required? How can i do the same?

Is there a customization guide available, which explains how to customize the flow.

Are there any sample examples available?

Thanks in advance.

Your help would be highly appreciated.

Hello Shrinagu,

Openfire is so customizable we can add functionality according to our needs. There are many Provider interface for various task that you can implement to make custumizable.

You can aslo write plugins by which you can fullfil your requirements as you said.

Hello Vishawjeet,

Thanks for your reply.

can you please let me know where can i find user guide or sample example for creating custom application.

If you have a sample example, can you please send me.


You can see example of custom AuthProvider here:

and custom user provider here:

if you need some other things to customize you can ask me

hope this will help you