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Custom Group Sharing Question

Here is my scenario:

I am experimenting with Openfire connected to Active Directory. I have my users seperated into seperate Groups: “Staff” and “Managers”.

I see that I can have a group share its contact list with additional users, but, not without sharing the list with its other members.

What I would like is if the Managers list will share with the staff and managers, and the Staff list will share with the Managers… but not with the other staff members.

To put this a different way, Managers will see everyone on their contact list, but Staff will only see managers on theirs.

Is there a way to do this?

Furthermore, if there’s a solution that will keep staff from messaging each other directly, except for in manager-created and invited chat rooms, that would be even better

Thanks in advance!

Could be hard to implement, but i would check what Packet Filter plugin is able to do with that. That is about isolating Staff from its members. As for the second question, it’s more complicated, because you can’t just block any messaging between them. I don’t know of any way to filter messaging by the type of chat.