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Custom Interceptor Plugin - Configuring caches

Hi guys, (urgent issue)

I have a problem here i think.

I was given a project related with openfire server, and one of them includes custom plugin(say PluginA). So this plugin intercepts messages and writes to database(custom tables that were added, group tables, message related tables and etc, basically it kinda similar to default tables provided by openfire).

Problem is current project performance is really low, and that is definitely related to this plugin. I assume even i configure cashes( How to configure Openfire’s caches ) related to roster, groups,messages and etc, that won’t help.

So i was wondering if there is any way to say/command/configure openfire to take control of plugin write/reads from database? So that i can define custom caches related to plugin.

I probably lost you guys, basically what i need is to configure caches of custom plugin. Is there any way? Or do i need to redo the project?