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Custom IQ messages

Hello, is it possible to receive custom IQ messages, defined using my own namespace, using Smack?

I have a PacketListener with a PacketTypeFilter(IQ.class). However, when I send the custom IQ messages to a full JID (includes RESOURCE), the PacketListener is not invoked, and i get a “feature-not-implemented” response. That is not the case with defined IQ messages, such as jabber:iq:register.

Here’‘s an example of the custom IQ packet I’'d like to send

After receiving the custom IQ message, I would like to parse it and take an action according to the quality and location specified.

Any guidance or code would be highly appreciated.


Hey john,

You will need to create your custom IQProviders and register them to be able to parse the packets. Take a look at the Provider Architecture[/url] document.


– Gato

Thanks alot… everything fine so far