Custom IQ packets

Hi guys!

I am having trouble with the custom IQ implementation. Basically, the short version is, that everytime I send my IQ through, I get a feature-not-implemented from the server (i’'m using Wildfire btw).

This is the prototype code I’'m using to send:

System.out.println(“Sending IQ”);

SampleActionIQ iq = new SampleActionIQ(5, “Hello world”);



((XmppContact)((IStructuredSelection)viewer.getSelection()).getFirstElement()). getFullName()

  • “/Smack”);

System.out.println("sending packet to " + iq.getTo());

iq.setFrom(XmppConnectionManager.getInstance().getXmppConnections()[0].getUser( ));



It’‘s a bit strange (how I have the connection managers etc.) but this is only because I’'m starting with a prototype.

So, on the other side I set up a packet interceptor and get a packet, but I don’‘t now how to handle that – should I send a reply or something. Any help would be much appriciated. In return, I’'ll write up a little bit of documentation ;-).

With regards,


I figured out where the problem was. It’'s was a typo in the providers definition file.


So it didn’'t work. Now I got it to run.